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samui island, thailand


Hutcha is a cozy resort on the north side of Koh Samui, tucked in the

old town of Maenam. Situated right along the bank of fresh waterway

that runs from the nearby moutain, Hutcha's unique location has

spectacular access to the breath-taking wide beach of Maenam.


Hutcha is a rare find for travelers who love to relax and stay near the

fun. The resort's quiet end - of - the - road location has easy access

through Maenam's village to stores and wide range of restaurants

and eateries. For other expedition, it's a short car ride to temples,

other towns and ferry piers to other islands.


The resort is near a local market that open at dawn, Buddhist

temple and a Chinese shrine, among the old architecture of

the the Village of Maenam.



hutcha swimming pool












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